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Interesting Facts about Genealogical Services

Genealogy is a field of study that enables a person to learn about his family history. It is done by professional genealogists and plays a crucial role in helping families unite. If you are someone who is looking to get some vital information regarding your ancestors and the various records, they appear in then taking the assistance of genealogical services is the way to go. Genealogy is of great importance and is not widely known by everyone. It is mostly used for private purposes for clients who want to get insights into their family history.So, if you are among those who are eager to know what are the interesting facts of genealogical research services then the below mentioned information is for you. This blog discusses a few facts about genealogical services and how they play a pivotal role in saving both your time and money. Without further ado let's get started.● Thorough Research of Vital RecordsGenealogists take a look at all the vital records to go about their research in the best manner. These vital documents include all the necessary events of your ancestors like birth, marriage, and death. Civil registration enables the state governments to document these important events systematically.● Ensure the Correctness of Original DocumentsOriginal documents containing information about a person's life can contain errors. However, by hiring a professional genealogist, you don't have to worry about this aspect. The genealogist will make sure any mistakes like misspelled names, miscounted children or siblings, or mistaken birth dates found in the original documents are corrected. Finding these errors on time can streamline the whole research process.● Affluent Ancestors Ease off the Research ProcessFor genealogists, researching ancestors who come from a rich background is quite easy. The available paper trails can prove helpful for conducting the research. While researching richer ancestors you will tend to get more paper trails and records. Having this information can significantly help a genealogist in getting the required results and gaining success.● Distinct Names Help GenealogistsGenealogists can also be your private investigator as per the project requirements. It is an extensive process and requires significant time and effort. However, the entire process can be made easy if the person they are searching for has a distinct or unique first or surname. This is due to the fact that common names have quite a few subjects. A person who the genealogists are looking for has a unique name will fasten the process and reduce their workload. Also, the possibility of having success will increase manifolds.● Genealogists Unveil Family SecretsGenealogy research is helpful in knowing about certain family secrets that might have otherwise always stayed hidden. This fascinating fact has made genealogy research quite popular. In some cases, the client will not specifically ask to unravel any family secrets, however, a genealogist does his job and shares all his findings openly. It finally comes down to the person as to how much information he wants to know about his family. In certain cases, a person wouldn't want to reveal a little too much about his family.● Genealogists Benefit from Family BiblesThere are a number of resources that a genealogist uses for providing the desired results. One of the useful resources that they utilize is the family bible. It includes a few records like births and deaths, marriages, reunions, along with some other things. Also, a family photo album, church records, land deeds, scrapbook, and yearly census prove as a helpful resource. With all these things, genealogists are able to ease off their research process and solve challenges they come across. For getting the final results, a genealogist needs to constantly research facts. Certain things that might appear simple often end up being useful for genealogists.Get Professional Genealogy Services with Khuda Genealogical ServicesKhuda Genealogical Services is a recognized and well-known name that provides best in class genealogical services to clients situated globally. The skilled team of professional genealogists we possess are passionate about the field of genealogy and always strive to deliver their best. They will person all the needed steps and procedures to help you find your story and provide the best results. Our team which comprises professional researchers and correspondents is spread over the world and ensures preeminent genealogical services. We look forward to serving you and always work towards making sure our valued clients are satisfied and happy with our top-notch genealogical services. You can enjoy the benefits of our services by spending much out of your pocket as they are available at an affordable price. Contact our team today and we will provide you with an insight into our genealogical services. You will definitely have the best experience with us and only look forward to us whenever you need professional genealogical services.


Tips to Research Your Ancestors in Greece

1) Collect all available data in your home country –ship manifest, birth, marriage, death certificates, naturalisation and probate files. You need to know an exact location of your ancestor in Greece to start onsite research, as well his original last name without a name change.
2) Find your Ancestral location on the map to check which parish can keep church books for your town. You may contact the priest to see if he is willing to help with your research in Greece. Beware that Greek people are not very familiar with Greek genealogy or researching ancestors in Greece, so they might be suspicious about your intentions to ask information about people (even if they are your relatives).
3) Try to find your location in GAK/GAS or Greek State Archives and check which information is preserved for your ancestral location in Greece. What genealogical documents can be found in Greece? It can be dowry (marriage contracts), sale/property documents, lists of voters, school lists (separately for girls and for boys), army documents, etc. You have to search in handwritten Greek documents, so language proficiency and be attentive to the details is mandatory.
4) Contact your Town Hall in Greece (according to the Municipality) – there you can find Dimotologion (Family Structure Documents), Male Register (Mitroon Arrenon) and Death Certificates or Certificate of Family Structure. Please keep in mind that Greek clerks can be very busy, so be patient.
5) Visit the cemetery in your ancestral location – there you will be able to find family graves with details about birth, marriage and death. As well interview elderly from the same village in Greece to find out family stories or family lores. If you have questions or need help with researching your ancestors in Greece – please don’t hesitate to send us an email.